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  3. "…a man never seriously challenged by any Republican in 35 years in congress; a man who knew more about the Constitution than a certain Clarence Thomas."Really?Are you familiar with section 1021 of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012? That was the brainchild of his buddy, Mr. Obama.How about the second amendment?How about the first amendment?Or are you unaware of this administration's assault on the Bill of Rights?

  4. I don’t get it. Even if it was on sale to me it seems like you got it just because it’s isabel marant. I dont mean to be rude but I have noticed that many bloggers, icluding you and especially Elin wear outfits and buy things that aren’t special in any way and cost tons of money. It almost sends a message that one can’t dress nicely without spending much money. Hope you are not offended it was not my point.

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  6. I den staden jag bor i så är det tyvärr mest invandrare som våldtar,snattar och vandaliserar.Men, jag tycker inte att man ska dra alla över en kant.. Det finns ju faktiskt dom som sköter sig, försöker skaffa jobb och försöker lära sig svenska.MEN!!!!.. dom som missköter sig tycker jag verkligen borde skickas tillbaks till sitt land.. Och gör det mig till en rasist, så visst..

  7. «o Povo Deliberante português»Será. E a "Delirante elite política" do Regime?Em particular a nascida, criada e deformada nas JP's?E poderia ter sido de outro modo?Quando um jovenzinho se c… no seu juramento perante o PR e o País e deserta para o bem bom de Bruxelas?Quem delira com quê?

  8. Sandy! Hi, I love your blog… Cutting to the chase (pun intended) I inherited some grape vines in my new apt (Brooklyn). If I prune as you suggest will they be lush and full? I want them to mostly add green to our terrace vs a bountiful harvest (I know, blasphemy!). Thx for your help! – Debbie

  9. It sounds logic but in practice does not necessarily work. Two friends of mine (women) have sissy English partners (really nice chaps), and not rich at all! WTF? 😉 In my opinion it’s their caring ‘motherly’ personalities. Besides, my friends are not religious (if someone thought their caring nature results from their religious background).

  10. Łaskawa Pani,właśnie ją przejmują. W swoistym dialogu, niezależnych mężów stanu, w którym jeden mówi o odwadze i Wielkiej Polsce, a drugi z równym patosem o odwadze i Rzeczpospolitej.Godłem polski będzie kotylion. Patriotyzm cepeliowsko-bigosowy. Tak odległy od życia narodu, jak to tylko możliwe. A jednocześnie wymachujący biało-czerwoną, żeby nikt nie mówił, że wywieszają białą flagę.Od uleganiu manipulacji jest coś gorszego, robienie w czasie manipulacyjnego spektaklu za statystę.

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  12. Hey Bomber,This will indeed cripple National. They did have a victory of sorts in the last election in terms of numbers. However at the same time they syphoned away votes from Act and United which they would desperately need to ever form a coalition. Now with the Maori party walking away I don’t see National being in anytime soon.

  13. Le conseil de l’Europe à dit qu’il acceptait cette patate suivant un principe de MODERNITE …c’est un OGM qui à 12 ans … bravo la modernité.Il faut savoir que depuis cet OGM, les labos ont créés des patates aussi dense en amidon à l’aide de croisement de patates 100% naturelles, ce qui rend obsolète Amflora.Bravo barrosoo …

  14. I am looking to start my own blog, but I want to make sure it is on a popular site where people will read it. I plan on discussing sports, video games and whatever else is interesting at the time. What are the best/most popular sites to blog on?.

  15. I was recommended Oz Forex and used them once as a tester for £1K, registration was fine but it took 5 days for the transfer to go through, put me off, had it faster with HSBC who I used for the bulk of my transfer

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  18. For some people it is indeed a problem, and in each of those situations we need to get to the source of that – if these technologies didn’t exist, people would be acting out (god I hate that term) in different ways. For example, the mother you speak of would be bragging to all her friends about what a wonderful parent she is. Your partner’s communication issues may lead to him seeking out anonymous sex as a substitute.If you’re concerned about someone’s disconnecting behaviour, then talk to them about it.

  19. Czyli rozumiem, że po Litwinach i po Ukraińcach trzeba było jechać walcem i oni w ogóle się nie liczyli?No i my się potem dziwiymi, że Ukraińcy zgotowali nam Wołyń, a Litwini nas nienawidzą do granic własnego rozsądku?Myślę, że powinieneś ochłonąć.

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  23. Ellos mismos de digital plus cuando todo el mundo tenga nagravision 3 lo descodificaran..todo es un negocio..no veis k los socios son los mismos…incluso ahora menos ke hay crisis y hay que recortar gastos.

  24. Welcome Amanda!I haven’t finished watching Beau Brummell yet, but I was disturbed by the very modern feel of the editing. Did that bother anyone else? Also, I thought it was strange that he entered the prince’s chambers with his hat and walking stick still in hand. Wouldn’t someone have taken that at the door? Or were they too perfectly stylish to give up? ;’) Anyway, your books sound fantastic, Amanda! And this is my month off of writing, so I’ll have to check them out. We love scandalous women here!

  25. [Well I never! *Drops monocle into champagne glass*. What a sore loser – what would Sonic think about this attitude? He’d think that it’s NO good! – T]LISTEN T-Bird! WHY DID I NOT WIN!!!! TELL ME WHY!!!! I just never Win on the Internet!! Just Tell me why i did not win!! If you just tell me i would understand!

  26. Kevin should make a come back. I mean why not? Shawn ray called him out on Muscular development, and kevins always up for a new challenge. Instead of everyone wanting him to continue with these weak feel good workouts, they should be encourging him to train hard again and go full blown. Anyway if he does, he will have a huge support team from the TLR family.

  27. looking great Kevin! keep going! dont mind the camera, its what keeps us motivated!! Are you sponsored by world gym or somthing?? or is it just lifetime membership after owning one?? Anyways looks like a good gym.Cant wait to see what your next move is!¨

  28. The most aristocratic (not a fan of the word, but you get the idea) American people I know actually never discuss money and very seldom allude to family or social connections unless they are actually introducing you to the person in question. (Which I actually prefer to the British/European mode, where they might as well show up wearing neon signs that blink LORD SHIT and LADY SNOT.)Going headsies with Tinsley fucking Mortimer over who is buried in Monticello’s tennis court?That’s some classy fucking shit.

  29. The problem with Body Worlds is that you can’t pick things up and play with them. It’s still exceptionally good though. As long as you can maturely handle (not physically, mentally) all the preserved genitals, that is. Your daughter probably isn’t as obsessed with genitals as an older child (or my wife) so it was probably ok. I’m glad she had fun and learned a lot.

  30. More CO2 and natural warming climate, whats not to like for the plant world?Maybe, the figures and ‘ear counters’ – for wheat production should also consider the prime arable land set aside to propagate crops suitable for ‘biofuels’ and subsidised by Western taxpayers.This insane idea must surely have a negatively direct effect on wheat production statistics in the EU and the grain belt of the USA.Unintended consequences – German newspaper noodleheads get themselves in a panic about pasta and the world’s poorest are made to pay more for their daily bread.

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  32. Excellent suggestions gentlemen – in the distant past when I was a graduate student I made wooden frames with thin plastic sheeting to cover the single pane windows in the winter. The plastic looked like hell and definitely wouldn't pass the spousal approval bar now. However, rigid acrylic or polycarb in neat frames might pass muster. 40 windows would be a big project though – probably need some kind of commercial solution given the small amount of time I have after job/family/blog.

  33. Basta copiar e colar aquela linha de comando que está em negrito na janela do DOS, clicando no ícone no alto da janela à esquerda, e escolhendo Editar/Colar. Vale lembrar que para isso seu note deve ter conexão wireless ativada, ok?

  34. Awesome, I totally love it. I recently did an iron-on transfer to a shirt for the first time–and discovered a little too late that I should have cut off as much of the white around the graphic as I could–like you did. You're smart. And I now have the Monty Python song "always look on the bright side of life" in my head.

  35. Sí, si, se ha archivado la querella. De todos modos, el pp seguro que hará todo lo posible y lo imposible por seguir la involución salvaje que está haciendo con los derechos y las libertades de este país. Espero que los ciudadanos seamos capaces de contenerlo. Besazos.

  36. THAT COVER. IT IS SO FANTASTIC. Are you about to be eaten by the basilisk, Mark? Does your obliviousness to the basilisk represent your constant unpreparedness? I AM GOING TO GO WITH YES. I am so broke right now that I can't buy your books, but hopefully sometime soon I will have enough to get them, and then you bet that I will own all of them! I would love to see the new, never-before-seen stuff. YAY MARK

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  38. You’re in Maine?!? Boy, heading to northern New England — well, okay, ANY area of New England — now that’s the proper direction to be traveling in June. Have fun!(The Library will be around for a while. Even if you travel to an adjacent universe, I fear. :))

  39. NajwaI think the baby look exactly like his father, there is no need for DNA test and stop throwing your mistakes on other people shoulders.I am a PHD student in the states and I think the guilty are the guys because they are the one who broke their traditions and did not respect their culture , what happened is OK in the girls culture, but not in the boys one, they should respect their religion, families and society if they were grown up well

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  43. OK A- they might have made you think they are close to creating a dinosaur but they aren’t so close. did you know it would an entire life time to read a persons entire DNA code. and I know we are talking about dinosaurs but I’m just trying to give you an idea of how complicated it is. even if they did how would this prove evolution???? it doesn’t.Raw feeder and Wolf Hybrid owner that lives on a native reserve in northern Canada.

  44. I'll defend Sheila.Don't bother sending your kids to Highschool.Send them to Community College instead.Highschool is a waste, SAT a waste….start them with some simple classes around 4th grade in the CC and then by the time they are 9th grade they are done with Vector Calc. Problem. Solved.Asians. Rerouted.SAT Test meaningless.

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  46. My former parish …the Pastor would go to the pulpit …and pull out his puppet and give a little homily to the kiddo's ….yikes! Sounds like that is liturigal abuse ?Then those dancers: oh no another abuse ?Then he would add an extra word or two to the Our Father…yikes .And for many years I never gave it a thought because I was ignorant and never even heard of the word liturigal abuse…and I would say most people in the pew just go along with all this UNTIL they wake up and turn away . God Have Mercy on us all !

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  48. As an administrator I often find myself espousing to my staff the importance of balance. However, I also find at times that as a father myself I fall short at times. And like you, I too have heard this song countless times but was unaware of the message. Great post. Thanks for reminding me of the importance of balance.

  49. HI Lorraine thanks very much. Yes feels great that over the half way mark with chemo and am now excited about the results of everything as have a good feel – Oh God shouldnt say that aloud should I? but I do THanks for all those prayers much appreciated x

  50. Yesterday, while I was at work, my sister stole my apple ipad and tested to see if it can survive a 40 foot drop, just so she can be a youtube sensation. My apple ipad is now broken and she has 83 views. I know this is entirely off topic but I had to share it with someone!

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  53. How do you feel about mothers smoking marijuana while pregnant and after they give birth? Are you against all mothers doing it or are you just opposed to doing it yourself? I read on the internet that one of the girls from 16 and Pregnant this season (Jenelle) smoked pot throughout her entire pregnancy. I was really taken aback by how casual she was about mentioning it.

  54. What super little Creatures. I would love to enter for the chance to win an owl. I love the fact that they are all slightly different. Feel slightly greedy for entering another giveaway butchery are so lovely. X

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  61. That walking route can get a little sketchy at night. It will be pitch black at 7PM. My suggestion? Take the Sheraton Shuttle to any LAX terminal, then grab a Parking Spot shuttle (Sepulveda). That’ll get you to the parking lot of In’n’Out. Everyone tip the driver a buck.Highly recommend the Neapolitan shake.

  62. Devageet ? oh yes… the role model for laurence olivier in marathon man…winner of Mr Ashram Jewish Dentist 1987.. the man who used to run a dental practice down in Redruth in Cornwall in the seventies? The same guy who told Anugito to stop worrying about the proposed takeover of KoHsuan’s assets in favour of an osho growth centre run by him…because Anugito was going to die of kidney disease soon, so what did he care ? Oh that Devageet… mr smarmy yitzak shamir sharon Devageet? ..mmmm? no I haven’t heard about him …sorry.

  63. This was fun! We have a new house that now after all the building I need to get up renewed interest in decorating!I first came up Sassy which I like in theory but I don't use in my house, which I thought was interesting. I was also a touch classic, which was a little too much the other direction. Through the sassy, though, they did point me to a blog that I love that is more my style than their sassy picture.

  64. More of a request than a gripe – I haven't found a bookshop that presents picture books in both a fun and practical way to help children and adults choose books.Our old library had a book train that children could climb aboard – with books on the dashboard so you could read while you drive and in the carriages where you never got travel sick. We spent many return trips on this train and always brought back 12 books!

  65. man i don’t know who thumbed down on this video, but those people are crasy..this is a great remake!!!!!! man u’re good!!!!!! people say thay u can’t make dope beats with FL studio, but they just don’t know how to use it….keep it up man!!!!

  66. Gostaria de parabenizar por divulgarem essas músicas deliciosas. Adoro esse ritmo e sempre vou em busca de novos sucessos. Nelson Freitas me faz sentir a música dele dentro de mim, fico imaginando situações deliciosas com suas letras, como Deeper, por exemplo. Mas quando ouço Anselmo me sinto feliz porque ele mexe com meus sentimentos…os dois são demais…Parabéns….

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  68. We have been RVing for about 20 years and one thing I have noticed that many seem to forget is to check the weather before going to a show. Many RV shows are during the hottest or rainiest days. Going in and out of RVs in the hot sun can dehydrate quickly so drink plenty of fluids and time it so that you can go into the air conditioned areas when possible.

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  70. Never even noticed the hair things. I have the same issue – I never wear a ponytail because my hair falls out of the clip. p.s. I like your blog makeover.Bromeliad recently posted..

  71. Boxeru zice, si sa-l credem, ca-i patit, ca loviturile care te seaca la ficati mai mult decit majoritatea celor incasate sunt alea date in gol, cu toata forta! Asa ca, aplicind in politica, foarte buna neparticiparea la asemenea meciuri, sa-i vezi intr-o luna cu limba scoasa, ca nu-i mai urmareste nici dracu dindu-si unii altora dreptate! Cit priveste stratagemele ulii si porumbeii, nu cred, pur si simplu se gindeau de mult timp la asta, iar acum i s-a pus pata si lui Boc (care, sa nu uitam, a mai scapat un derbedeul dracului aka ciutacu).

  72. Thank you Anna! I can't tell you how much I appreciate you helping us spread the word about Lonny! 🙂 We are REALLY excited to show you what we've been working around-the-clock to create for the past few months ;)Thanks again!!Xo Michelle.

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  131. Yeah, politics definitely brings out the best and worst in people. (Including in myself.) But you’re right– there is so much to be gained by being involved in the conversation in a wise way. You hit the nail on the head for me as to why I like immersing myself in the subculture of the “other”; when I see how their politics influence their integrity and level of compassion (whether positively or negatively), it turns a mirror to myself and my own behaviors and opinions.

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  149. Hi James, Thanks for sharing the link. I do not know anything about the history of that community, although I am always interested to learn more about places that we have visited and about community leaders. I do not live in Phoenix, we volunteered at the garden while we were visiting family that live there. Do you live in the community? Have you been involved with the garden?

  150. Oh my goodness, Amy! I am SO sorry to hear that! That would be even more devastating. I can’t even imagine!!!! I am glad to hear that it is being filled back up. I so appreciate your kind words. You have always been such a sweetheart! I will definitely update you all with what the outcome is.

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  158. Hej Eleonore! Jag har följt dig frÃ¥n första början när du jobbade pÃ¥ ett kärnkraftverk (har jag för mig att det var?) satt och bloggade pÃ¥ lunchrasterna 🙂 Jag ville bara säga stort grattis till giftermÃ¥let, ni är sÃ¥ himla fina!!!Sen undrar jag, finns det en chans att man kan fÃ¥r se en tydligare helbild pÃ¥ bröllopsklänningen? Den sÃ¥g sÃ¥ otroligt fin ut här

  159. it depends on how far you can open your legs comfortably,if your doctor decides that you can’t open them far enough then a c section may be needed.I was also told that it is far better to give birth in the kneeling or squatting position if possible and you must never have your legs put up in stirrups or held apart and if anyone tries that you must tell them to stop.

  160. Great post. Kind of like a multi-dimensional crossroads. Except what’s different as you point out it that we can change our trajectory with our actions . It’s never to late to reach our preferred future. Well, at least while we have breath in our lungs.Nice visual too.

  161. Caro JuvenalMais uma 'pincelada' do quotidiano das NT, algures na Guiné. Não seria assim em todo o lado, em todo o tempo que durou a presença de militares portugueses 'metropolitanos', mas dá para fazer uma boa aproximação.A cena que relataste da agressão do graduado fez-me lembrar uma situação parecida, apenas uma tentativa, que presenciei, passada no então RTm, no Porto, ali à Arca d'Água, entre um capitão e um 'cabo miliciano' que relatarei logo que refresque a memória com mais pormenores.AbraçoHélder S.

  162. So I set up an Ubuntu 12.04 LTS from scratch (toasting an Arch install), installed emacs, installed ifenslave, set up bonding, confirmed that it worked, and rebooted. All interfaces in the bond came up. Rebooted again. They came up again. Moved to a different set of four ports configured for 802.3ad on the switch. It worked. Rebooted. It worked.I’ll be trying to repeat the process on an identical box plugged into the same switch. Will also be comparing the configuration that works with the one I uploaded here. As I don’t think I did anything differently.Tentative hopefulness.

  163. Oh yes, mercurial is very fast.When comparing to a lazy turtle, or massive opengl code running in a 286. But not, never, when compared to git. I use both mercurial (for the xen repository), and git (for the linux repository), and honestly, while mercurial may have some advantages, speed is definitely not one of them.

  164. Oscar Wilde.And it`s even worse in the countryside.And a fat lot of good it all was to Ian Curtis,England`s greatest male poet and songwriter.The Great Apostacy has it`s splendours and achievements and all of it the exact opposite of the soul.England is closer to the nature of the soul than most (NHS etc)and these paintings by Collings and Biggs are(although “apostate”) a form of beauty.I`m off to watch The Horrors.

  165. I can not support this president and I'm still amazed that so many do with his record. I can only come to the conclusion that too many people want something for free and/or a major of Americans are uneducated and incapable of rational, logical thought. Our freedom is under attack and people do not seem to realize that politicians are bribing their way to power and creating a slave society in the process.

  166. Hey! Nice post. So many interesting things touched on here. I am curious as to what you think about “alternative” biochemistries, that is, not based on water. I know some have speculated that life may exist on Saturn’s moon Titan, but I do not know how serious this speculation is.

  167. 20 SepTrayvon’s school/disciplinary records r NOT RELEVANT OR ADMISSIBLE as they DON’T show acts of violence (the only relevant character trait),Natalie Jackson ‏@NatJackEsq 20 SepFurther, Trayvon DID NOT have a criminal record or history of violence…I CAN’T say the same for GZ.

  168. Disse to siste seriene dine er en viktig dokumentasjon for en hverdag for mange kreftsyke barn og pÃ¥rørende,- og ikke minst ogsÃ¥ for ansatte pÃ¥ sykehus. Godt Ã¥ høre at dere skryter av jobben de gjør. Disse menneskene gjør en formidabel og viktig jobb. De setter sikkert pris for sÃ¥nne positive tilbakemeldinger og gode ord fra dere.Lykke til med videre behandling til sønnen deres, og til dere ogsÃ¥ som stÃ¥r pÃ¥ sidelinjen…

  169. I hadn’t heard of Insanity before you started doing it but its something I would definitely consider now. That’s a good tip about only one partner taking a rest at one time. I don’t have a specific workout partner right now but I will file that away for the future.

  170. Man kan tycka att det är hur fel som helt och ja lagen är förlegad som inte inkluderar publicering pÃ¥ internet men en lag är ju en lag sÃ¥….Om du istället tar egna fotografier pÃ¥ bilderna och lägger ut dem sÃ¥ är det ju dina egna bilder du publicerat, kan det vara en lösning?

  171. Hi, I cannot seem to see the link where I can suggest my page to my friends. There is the build audience tab but under i can only invite friends by email. What am I doing wrong? Please help!

  172. Hallo Ariette, für das eigene Glücksgefühl ist es zwar effektiver, sieben gute Taten an einem Tag zu “erledigen” als jeden Tag eine, aber für Kinder in Not ist natürlich die Hauptsache, dass man es überhaupt tut. Wenn man dem Unternehmensimage, dem Gemeinschaftsgefühl und Kindern gleichzeitig etwas Gutes tun kann, ist das eine tolle Kombination. Viel Spaß und “Erfolg” dabei und danke für den Kommentar!

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