New Photographs

New Photographs

I had a great studio visit with my dear friend, Michele O’Marah on Sunday. Took it back old school–she showed me her work and I showed her mine. In the process you forget how valuable it is to exchange ideas and thoughts about the works before you.  By yourself you can get bogged down in second-guessing.

So, I’ve got this series of photos I took of a box of dollhouse furniture I’ve been carrying around since my folks cleared out their garage years and years ago.  I had been saving them should I have daughter.  I did not.  I decided to gift them to that other dear Philly Steak, Carolyn and her daughters, Darby and Karla.  They moved back east and I miss them so.  This is a little taste.  They are macro and I’m going to print them VERY BIG.

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  7. Hey JK,Yes now the pressure is on those other bloggers to don’t make me look bad now. LOL. But many of them I’ve gotten to know here and there and find myself always going back to their blogs. I hope they do go to your blog and join the community there because it’s a great place to be!Of course I had to add family man because that’s part of your brand and you live and breath that part. Your recent pics to Disney certainly proved it!Thanks JK!

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  38. I wonder if you even will get to read my comment, any way: a big congrats to you and your friends. Looks like you did a great job!! I wish I was able to attend the retreat too, hopefully I'll get to meet you all someday. A big hug to you!!

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  51. Thanks for stopping by, everyone! We're having a technical glitch with RG's book excerpt-goes to another Wicked book-our apologies! But the Wicked series is all awesome. :)So glad to see everyone talking about loving the costumes! The Smutekteers are a bunch of costume geeks-especially RG and me. And now that we're roomies, we have an entire closet just for our costumes! I like to open it up and just gaze adoringly.:)I can't do the scary movies (HUGE chicken!), but I think RG and I are going to see Young Frankenstein at a local theater after the trick-or-treaters are done-fun!Eden/Eve 🙂

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  60. Jordan, I love this!! We all have moments in life when we feel like we’ve already checked out–just don’t want to make the effort, are tired of trying to persist with something, just not feeling it. I’ve had a couple of those myself recently with projects that seem to have stalled or hit a snag. So this image of you dancing and turning cartwheels is absolutely perfect. I love the way it illustrates that unadulterated, exuberant joy that we’re all free to express. Thanks for setting such a good example, and for inspiring me to throw some more cartwheels into the mix of everyday life. 🙂

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  62. Dear, sweet, Amanda… how I love your young heart! You are right where my daughters are and I so admire your walk with the Lord and the love for Him and your family. Response-abilities… love it!Thank you much for linking to Think on These Things!Oh… and the call for 'wipe my butt'… it doesn't end even when you are a Mom-Mom 🙂

  63. Ellynanne, I am so happy I found your site! I, like you, love vintage aprons and hand-embroideryespecially of the 30′s-50′s. The Tie-one on event is really inspiring. I am relatively new to blogland, but I have added your blogsite to my Fav list. I hope you’ll visit my website and blog too.

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  65. aaaaarrrgggghhhhh – brilliant clobber haul! Love the trim on the black maxi, and 2 pairs of perfect-fit leather trousers…. wow. And I was only thinking yesterday how you never see men in fake fur coats. Apart from Screaming Lord Sutch, I suppose. To find a Hardy Amies one – well done Jon! xx

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  69. Hi Margarita, I haven’t been able to comment about your last few posts – I love the photos and the recipes too. I see that you’ve travelled very widely. I wake up pretty early too, usually around 5.30 – 6am. I love the peacefulness and quiet of that time of the day.

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  104. It all sounds perfect! And I did have to chuckle about customs – Big Man was horrified that in an English pub he couldn´t just order a little tapas portion of food, or have a splash of anis in his coffee at 9am and then (to cap it all) he had to pay for it before he had drunk anything and then carry it to a table, only to have to repeat the whole process when it was time for the next round!

  105. Don…. Know Your Rights and Armagideon Time pleeeeaassseee … so relevant to today. Joe knew how to write a good political song and both of these have proved that we should never get complacent. What goes around, comes around 🙁 RIP Joe

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