I will be listing publications one by one here, but in the meantime, you can find copies of some of them here:

The Riot Grrrl Collection

Bike It: Portraits of My Bicipandilla

Contraption Spell

and here’s a video of my most recent hand bound zine, In the Service of the Song.

It was completed on the occasion of Printed Matter’s LA Art Book Fair in the last weekend of January 2015, sold at the Llano Del Rio Collective’s table.

It’s a rumination of a decade long love affair with old time music. It’s got original writing, graphics, a centerfold poster and a card you can cut out with a chart of keys for when you capo that you can toss in your guitar case.  The typeset graphics are banjo tunings, named after the tunes I play in those keys.

The banjo tune in the video is an excerpt of a tune called North Fork of Campbell Creek.